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Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 21st July 2017.
Present: Craig Lockwood, Tim Forrester-Muir, Jeff Taylor, Margaret Triston, Geoff Pettitt
Apologies: David Gillespie
1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.
2. A thank you again must be given to Reg Brunt and his efforts over the years and a big
welcome to Geoff Pettitt for taking on Reg’s role for the Vets section.
2. Matters Arising;
A). ALL Clover has now been treated with a herbicide.
B). Chris Williams has been appointed as general gardener for the outside premises.
C). Reminder to all that there is a divot party on 3rd August 2017, small jobs to be given out
by Jeff Taylor.
D). Low branches will be further cut in the winter time when weather allows, this will have
to be an outsourced job.
E). G.U.R has been marked, seeded and now growth is taking place.
F). Trimming of the trees on 10th has been done and will be further raised by cutting the low
G). Jeff will be looking into costs for the notice board on the 1st tee.
3. Maintenance Issues;
A). Green keepers report see attached.
B).Will need to source external tree surgeon to cut down the hedges on the 1st/2nd/4th.
4. Development Issues;
A). The removal of some trees near the 17th pond will be done later in the year and an
external tree surgeon will be sourced.
5. Suggestions for Improvements;
A). It was suggested that the trees were trimmed around the area on the 5th pond and half
way down the hole.
6.Any other Business;
A). Please can everyone again be reminded to use the suggestion forms and place them in
the committee box at the end of the corridor.
B). Please could we encourage you to use the divot mix on the par 3s.
C). Please could the willow tree over hanging the 13th right bunker be trimmed back and
assessed. Jeff to inspect.
D). could the practice bunker be de weeded and made to look presentable.
7. Date of next Meeting; Friday 22nd September 2017

Click here for Course Committee Minutes 16th June 2017


Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 21st April 2017

Present; Craig Lockwood, Tim Forrester-Muir, Jeff Taylor, David Gillespie, Kevin Myers,
Margaret Triston, Reg Brunt.
1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2. Matters Arising;
A). Jeff is still considering how to improve the appearance of the 1st and 10th tees.
B). Posts have been placed to mark the OOB on the 12th, near the 13th green.
C). Notices regarding the danger of fog will be in place in the Autumn.
D). The course staff have spent many hours collecting twigs left by “Doris”.
E). Arrangements are in hand to put two toilets on the course.

3. Maintenance Issues;
A). Green Keeper’s Report; With the continued dry weather it has been necessary to top up the irrigation system with wetting agent applications, on dry areas, using the hose pipe. Keeping the tees watered, as well, has meant over 50 man hours have been spent watering in the last 2 weeks. Spring renovations on the tees have included coring, scarifying, top-dressing (with 15 tonnes of rootzone applied), seeding (100kg of seed), fertilising, and a granular wetting agent applied to the worst tees to see its effectiveness. The greens are slow to respond to feeds and recovery is slow in places due to the dry, cold conditions of late. But, with a lot of positive feedback from visitors and members and following conversations with colleagues from other courses, we are doing well and are not alone in our struggles. Regular scarifying and rolling have kept the playing surfaces running true allowing less lateral growth which produces bobbling and inconsistency. With spring weather to come and a gap in competitions the greens will be top-dressed, over-seeded and aerated soon. The fairways, too, have been slow to recover but will be fertilised as soon as warmer days arrive. Though the 13th bunker was not on any planned work we were fortunate to have some spare turf. The lip has been lowered by 18 inches and the worn, sandy areas replaced. Once established, the turf will be trimmed to the edge to prevent the lip from instantly drying and dying back. The hoops and ropes will be removed shortly.
B). The GUR on the 6th has been levelled.
C). A new ball-washer has been ordered for the 7th tee.
D). Flowers have been planted on the mound near the compound.
E). The weeds near the 14th tee will be cleared.
F). Clover, within 6 metres of the fairways, was cleared. New growth will be treated.
G). Preferred lies are no longer in force.

4.Development Issues;
A). The removal of some trees near the 17th pond will be done later in the year.

5. Suggestions for Improvements;
A). A new mat for the practice net is needed. Jeff will replace the existing one.
B). Use a blower to keep patios clear of leaves and litter. A good idea.
C). Remove or replace path on 8th fairway. Perhaps in time.
D). Remove the tree roots near the hut on 11th. A difficult job.
E). Please avoid watering the greens during competitions.
F). Trim the end willow near 18th tee. To be considered along with others on 2nd.

6.Any other Business;
A). Jeff would like to recruit a gardener to look after the club house area for 2 /4 hours
per week.
B). The Committee is organising a working party on Thursday 4th May from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Helpers are asked to bring a bucket and trowel.

7. Date of next Meeting; Friday 16th June 2017


Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 3rd March 2017

Present; Craig Lockwood, Tim Forrester-Muir, Jeff Taylor, David Gillespie, Kevin Myers, Reg brunt.

Apologies were received from Margaret Triston.

  1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.
  2. Matters Arising;

A). A sign to the red 18th tee has been erected.

3.Maintenance Issues;

A). Green keeper’s Report – we have been very lucky this year with the relatively dry conditions, apart from “Doris”. The greens are looking good for the end of winter apart from the birds pecking for leather jackets causing damage. Spring renovations are planned for the end of this month when we will be aerating, scarifying, top dressing and over-seeding. The tees are the main weakness at the moment and the plan is to core, fertilise, top dress, and over-seed at the beginning of April or when conditions and soil temperature will allow seed germination. Much effort has been put in to tidying the main entrance as this was an eyesore when arriving at the premises. First impressions are important. We can now concentrate our efforts on the course with the removal of some of the willows around the 17th pond and clearance of some of the blackthorn on the approach to the 12th green and near the 13th tee. Time has been spent repairing the drainage at the front of the 7th green. The manhole in front of the 14th tee will allow easier maintenance in future. The area in front of the 7th green will still be wet at times due to the lie of the land. Many hazard markers have been replaced which were missing, tatty or impossible to replace. The fairways are due to be vertidrained and fertilised coming into spring and spraying for weeds where necessary. As new machinery arrives in spring it will allow us to introduce a first cut of semi-rough around the fairways and green.

B). The winter work programme continues but the clearance of blackthorn etc. down the right of the first fairway has had to be postponed due to other priorities. It was agreed that the clearance to the left of the 11th is a big improvement.

C). Discussion was held about the purchase of different coloured flags to denote the position of the holes. It was agreed that the current use of small flags on the flagsticks should continue.

D). It was agreed that a further work party should be held in the spring on Thursday May 4th at 2.00pm.

E). Jeff was asked to level out the ground near the 7th tee, previously GUR.

F). It has been reported that the ball washer on the 7th is broken. Jeff will repair it.

G). Jeff was asked to rope off the area on the 9th tee, where the electric cable was buried, to allow the grass to grow.

4.Development Issues;

A). Jeff was requested to consider ways of improving the appearance of the 1st and 10th tees to create a better impression when beginning a round. He will try to bring this work into his busy schedule.

  1. Suggestions for improvement;

                A). Additional white posts are requested near the 13th green to denote OOB when playing the 12th. Jeff will attend to this.

B). It has been suggested that posts be erected on the 1st and 10th fairways to warn players of poor visibility on foggy days. After discussion it was agreed that sight of the bunkers on these fairways should be sufficient indication of safety to play. David agreed to prepare notices to this effect.

C). It was suggested that a programme be commenced to improve the quality of the tees over a period of years.

  1. Any other Business;

A). Jeff was asked to clear the many twigs and small branches fallen from trees, probably following the recent high winds.

B). Tim reported that he is to install two eco toilets on the course, one behind the shed near the 6th green and the other in the shed near the 16th green. A shed for the 6th has been donated by the Croquet Club as it is surplus to their requirements.

  1. Date of the next meeting;

                21st April 2017 at 1.00pm.



Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 27th January 2017
Present; Craig Lockwood, Tim Forrester-Muir, Jeff Taylor, Margaret Triston, Reg Brunt.
Apologies were received from David Gillespie.
1. The minutes of the last meeting were approved.
2. Matters arising;
A) Pruning of the trees to the left of the 2nd fairway will have to be contracted out and the cost is likely to be prohibitive. It was felt by the Committee that this work is not high priority and should, therefore, be postponed.
B). Some ditches have been cleared to ensure water is flowing away.
C). A sign to the red 18th tee has been ordered. It will be gender neutral to comply with current practice.
3. Maintenance Issues;
A). Green Keeper’s Report; The cold spell has allowed us to progress our winter programme. The blackthorn and brambles down the left of the 11th have been cleared and this has vastly improved the appearance and made the hole a lot more playable. The pond, not previously visible, has been made a lateral water hazard as playing over the hazard is not justifiable.
The freezing conditions recently, have made course maintenance impossible, especially the bunkers. Once the thaw sets in every effort will be made to rectify this. Generally, the course is holding up well and in good condition for the end of January.
B). The winter programme will continue; the pile of earth at the side of the 14th tee has been moved and will be levelled shortly; the bushes to the right of the 13th tee will be cleared and a start to remove the blackthorn and brambles down the right of the 1st fairway made.
C). All course signs have been cleaned.
D). Rotted red and yellow posts will be replaced.
E). Moving the shoe/trolley cleaner to the other side of the rear patio has been considered but will not prove suitable. Brooms have been supplied which members are asked to use.
4. Development Issues;
A). Jeff and his staff have erected a shed at the bottom of the path leading from the 11th tee to provide shelter and protection. The Committee consider it to be well made and in keeping with the area. Jeff was thanked for a job well done.
B). Tim advised that the work being done around the club house should be finished, subject to the weather, by mid-February.
5. Suggestions for Improvement;
A). Jeff confirmed that he intends to remove some trees in front of the pond near the 17th tee when time permits.
B). A request to remove the bush at the left of the hump on the 12th fairway was received. After consideration it was agreed that this is not necessary. Jeff will prune it when needed.
6. Any other business;
A). Diana Ketley has offered to donate bulbs (bluebells etc) for planting in the cleared copses which Jeff is happy to accept.
B). Mention was made that the greens staff do not always use the path in the middle of the trees on the 8th. Jeff will ensure this is the case.
7. Date of the next meeting; 3rd March 2017 at 1.00 pm.

Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 23rd December 2016

Present; Craig Lockwood, Tim Forrester-Muir, Jeff Taylor, Margaret Triston, Reg Brunt.
Apologies were received from Kevin Myers and David Gillespie.

1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved. Margaret asked that it be made clear that the Ladies Section will be pleased to paint the interior of the 10th tee hut.

2. Matters Arising;
A). Jeff is in the process of obtaining quotes regarding the trimming of the trees to the left of the 2nd fairway.
B). Tim advised that the course has recently been re-measured in accordance with the EGU requirements and minor adjustments may have to be made.

3. Maintenance Issues;
A). Green Keeper’s report; After a short cold spell the warm, moist conditions have returned resulting in the course still being very dry for the time of year – a lovely change from last year. Ropes, hoops and white lines are slowly going out to pre-empt wetter conditions and manage wear around the usual places. The greens, which are nice and firm with good cover, have recently been aerated and ironed and are being kept slightly longer to help protect them through winter. Leaves are still an annoyance but there are not many to come down now. They are being blown, chopped and cleared whenever possible. Please remember to repair pitch marks as at this time of year there is little or no recovery. A massive thank you for all your support during 2016 and the green’s staff wish you a happy Christmas and better golfing in 2017.
B). Work Plans for the winter; Jeff aims to clear the bushes etc. along the right side of the 1st fairway, the right side of the 8th and the left side of the 11th. The Committee asked him to clear the unsightly, weed-covered mound to the left of the 14th tee.
C). Jeff was also asked to replace a number of red and yellow posts which have rotted.
D). A number of course signs have been knocked over and/or need cleaning.

4.Development Issues;
A). Jeff proposes to erect a rustic, 3-sided shed below the 11th tee to protect players waiting at the bottom end of the copse. This will become an immovable obstruction affording relief without penalty.
B). The daffodil bulbs donated by Margaret have been planted.

5.Suggestions for Improvement; Disappointingly, none have been received for some time. Members are reminded that their ideas are welcome and will always be considered by the Committee.

6. Any other Business;
A). It had been reported that the green’s staff had moved the position of a hole during a competition but Jeff advised that this was not the case. A necessary repair to the green in question had been made which possibly was mistaken for a hole being moved. He is aware that all players in a competition must have the same conditions.
B). Jeff was asked to clear fallen leaves in the ditches.
C). He was also asked to instruct his staff regarding the placing of rakes in bunkers after routine raking.
D). Margaret requested that a sign to the Ladies 18th tee be placed on the approach to assist visiting players.

7. Date of the next meeting;
27th January 2017 at 1.00 pm.

Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 18th November 2016

Present; Craig Lockwood, Tim Forrester-Muir, Jeff Taylor, Margaret Triston, Kevin Myers and Reg Brunt. Apologies were received from David Gillespie.

1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2. Matters Arising;
A). A working party was held on 3rd November when 25 members carried out painting and pruning around the course. It was considered successful in terms of the number of volunteers and the improvements to the course achieved. Jeff appreciated the help given and hopes working parties will be held in the future.
B). The growth of the trees to the left of the 2nd fairway now cause problems when playing from the medal tee. Jeff will seek expert advice regarding pruning.

3. Maintenance Issues;
A). Green Keeper’s report; The clearance of leaves has been a daily task recently and we have tried to keep the playing surfaces free. Some areas are difficult to clear but we are doing all we can. Unfortunately, after the very dry summer and lack of rain and warmth in early autumn some areas are rather bare. That said, we do have better grass coverage than other courses especially in the playing areas. The greens are always a struggle this time of year with a lot of wear, low light levels and cold temperatures leading to high disease pressure. The cut is now a bit higher to protect them going into winter. The repair of pitch marks has improved although some players do neglect this important task. Winter work will start soon as time permits and I will prepare a plan to keep members informed. We have recently taken delivery of new machinery which can be seen on the course.
B). The problem with the irrigation system to the right of the 6th fairway has been fixed and the copse should now be drying out.
C). The irrigation system as a whole is now working satisfactorily.

4. Development Issues;
A). Tim described the plans for improving the facilities for weddings now being carried out. There is a period of about 1 ½ hours during a wedding when guests and golfers are likely to mix, a situation which is unsatisfactory. By extending the patio area around the club house, creating a new access to the course and separating the golfers and wedding guests within the club house both parties will be able to use all the facilities without overlapping. A new, outdoor wedding ceremony area is being created, to accommodate the current trend. It was suggested that a plan showing the changes would assist the members to appreciate what is being done.

5. Suggestions for Improvement; None received.

6. Any other Business;
A). Jeff asked that all members be aware of the need to repair pitch marks.
B). A new broom to sweep the area round the shoe cleaner is required.
C). The 150 yard post on the 3rd has fallen over.
D). Margaret requested that the inside of the hut on the 10th be painted a lighter colour.
E). Margaret offered Jeff a supply of daffodil bulbs which he accepted.
G). Tim mentioned that the wall behind the club house has had to be reinforced.
H). He advised the meeting that the English Golf Union require the course to be measured prior to the introduction of the slope system. Also that tee markers are to be given different colours and that a card for each colour will be required.
I). Preferred lies will be introduced from 1st December or earlier if conditions dictate.

7. Date of the next Meeting.
23rd December 2016 at 1.00 pm.


Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 7th October 2016

Present; Craig Lockwood, Jeff Taylor, Elspeth Williams, Reg Brunt, David Gillespie
Apologies were received from Tim Forrester-Muir and Kevin Myers.

1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2. Matters arising:

A). Jeff advised that the ground has been too hard to carry out divot repairs so he had not organised a volunteers evening. It was felt that there is plenty of other work which could be undertaken by volunteers and it was agreed that the afternoon of 3rd November should be set aside for this purpose. Work will begin at 2.00 pm and refreshment will be provided. Jeff will arrange a number of jobs to be done. Reg will ask the sections’ Captains to make announcements and notices put on the boards.

B). Posters regarding the repair of pitch marks have been placed on the notice boards and on the web sites.

C). White hoops have now replaced the posts and ropes where they are required.

D). The placing of stakes around the pond below the 5th medal tee was discussed. It was felt that neither red nor yellow stakes would be wholly appropriate and, therefore, balls entering the area, if not found, should be declared lost and replayed under penalty or, if found in water, played as if in casual water. Balls found, but not in water, should be played as they lie or under penalty if unplayable.

E). The fence behind the 2nd green was also discussed. This should be treated as an immoveable obstruction and relief taken where possible under Rule 24-2b, otherwise under penalty e.g. unplayable lie.

3. Maintenance Issues:

A). Green Keeper’s report; Despite the continuing drought there is still some grass cover, which is more than can be said for other local courses. However, if we don’t get some autumn rain, before winter takes hold, it will soon start thinning out and turning muddy which, as we know, can be a big problem here. The greens are suffering during this dry spell and there are now signs of leather jacket infestation. The chemicals we used in the past are now illegal and we await new ones soon. But their effectiveness has yet to be proved. However, the EGU are very impressed saying that ours are some of the best greens in Essex.
We are currently securing the compound pending the delivery of new machinery and making plans for work on areas of the course such as the right hand side of the 1st, the left of the 11th and 12th and the shelter for the 11th hole.
Overall, this summer has been tough but the course has held up well. We have had plenty of encouraging comments and a few complaints. I hope all members will put their suggestions and comments in the Committee box so they can be discussed and acted upon, rather than bending the ears of the staff.

B). Extra sand has been placed in the following greenside bunkers; 4th, 8th, 13th and 18th.

C). Discussion took place regarding the general tidiness of the course. The items raised will be included in the jobs to be carried out by the work party to be arranged for the 3rd November.

D). Jeff shared the concern that heavy rain may wash the granite chippings off the paths.

E). Jeff is aware of the “fairy rings” which have appeared on some greens – especially the 8th.

4. Development Issues:

A). The Committee reviewed the priorities agreed at the meeting held on 26th February and regretted that, apart from the treatment of clover, little progress has been made regarding the improvement of the tees and drainage of bunkers or the pruning of trees and appearance of the ponds. New yardage signs have, however, been erected on the practice ground.

B). The need to prune some trees (e.g. those on the left of the 2nd fairway) was discussed but, in the absence of Tim, no decision could be made.

5. Suggestions for Improvement:

A). A white line to define G.U.R. round the workings on the 6th fairway will be made.

B). Jeff will create a hammer for the bell between the 11th and 12th.

C). Clearing the copse behind the 10th green would make it cosmetically attractive. Jeff will consider this but will bear in mind the needs of wild life.

6. Any Other Business:

A). Elspeth advised the Committee that she will be replaced as Ladies’ representative by Margaret Triston with effect from the next meeting. She was thanked for her service to the Committee over several years.

7. Date of Next Meeting:

4th November 2016 at 1.00 pm.


Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 26th August 2016

Present; Jeff Taylor, David Gillespie, Reg Brunt.

Apologies were received from Elspeth Williams.

  1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.
  2. Matters arising

A). It was agreed that volunteers will be sought from 4.00 to 7.00 pm on a date in late September to assist with divot repairs, post painting, shed restoration etc. Jeff will arrange a work programme and Paul offered to provide some nourishment as a reward. Notices will be posted on the boards nearer the time.

B). The changes made to the OOB on the right of the 7th fairway were approved.

C). Jeff was asked to use white hoops instead of posts and ropes where possible.

D). A protective shelter near the 11th green will be erected in late autumn.

E). Jeff agreed to cut fairway length strips to the greens on the practice ground to facilitate chipping/pitching.

  1. Maintenance issues;

A). Green keeper’s report; Jeff is pleased with the reaction of members to his work on improving the course. Extra effort was made to improve the speed and roll of the greens prior to the Club Championship. Though the greens are holding up well they are suffering from the effect of natural chemicals in the irrigation system which causes some grasses to die back. He mentioned the number of untouched or badly repaired pitch marks and asked that all players pay greater attention to this problem (see B below). It is a struggle to keep the tees watered as, except for the 1st, the irrigation system does not extend to these areas. Effort is made to water them manually but this takes time away from other urgent matters. The course now looks dry due to lack of significant rainfall but no doubt we will all be moaning about the rain again soon!

B). The issue of pitch marks was discussed and David agreed to implement the programme whereby each member is asked to monitor a specific green according to the first letter of the surname. He will prepare notices for the section boards and web sites. Members are asked to cooperate in this scheme.

C). The state of the bunkers was discussed at some length. Jeff is aware that the drainage in many is ineffective while others are in need of additional sand. Digging out and putting in new drainage and sand will cost at least £1000 per bunker if done by the FPGC staff, considerably more if by contractors. Finding the necessary funds and time will be a problem but he will try to schedule work when weather conditions permit. 20 tons of sand are now needed to top up those bunkers where the drainage is satisfactory.

D). New flags to indicate hole positions will be purchased shortly.

  1. Development Issues; none.
  2. Suggestions for Improvements;

A).  Can the grass to the left of the hump on the 12th be shortened? This is not practical as the mowing machinery is unable to cut due to the slope of the land.

B). Can the rough be cut shorter? Due to the type of mower we use, this is not possible.

C). More sand is needed in the bunkers to left and right of the 13th green. Yes, this will receive attention shortly.

D). The buggies require regular cleaning!  They are wiped on a daily basis, but dust from the car park is a problem.

E). Why do the 8th and, particularly, the 9th holes, which are the highest on the course, suffer most in wet weather? The water table is highest in this area and drainage needs improvement.

F). We do not have a “signature” hole: could it be the 9th? The Committee feel there are other holes more worthy of this accolade but doubt if funds should be used to enhance any hole for this purpose when other priorities exist.

G). First impressions are important when visiting a golf course. Can we improve the appearance of the 1st and 10th tees? The committee appreciate the point and Jeff will try to allocate time to effect improvements.

  1. Any other Business;

A). At present there are no stakes round the pond in front of the 5th Medal tee. The question was raised whether they should be red or yellow. It was decided to discuss this again when Craig is present.

B). Again the issue of how to treat the fence behind the 2nd green was deferred until Craig is able to give his professional opinion.

C). David asked Jeff how he will deal with the collection of leaves in the coming months. Jeff advised that the leaf collecting equipment is now in disrepair and that he would use other means to ensure the problem is mitigated.

D). The willow trees down the right of the 2nd fairway are blocking the line from the medal tee and will need trimming in the near future. Jeff advised that this will require professional expertise and equipment.

  1. Date of the next meeting; 7th October 2016 at 1.00 pm.


Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 22nd July 2016

Present; Craig Lockwood, Tim Forrester-Muir, Jeff Taylor, David Gillespie, Elspeth Williams, Reg Brunt. Apologies for absence were received from Kevin Myers.

  1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.
  2. Matters arising;

A). Consideration of the location of the shoe/trolley cleaning equipment has been postponed until the autumn.

B). Jeff will fix a date regarding help on the course, eg. divot repairs, and Craig will speak to the section Captains to  seek volunteers.

C). Treatment of weeds/clover has been started and will continue as conditions permit.

  1. Maintenance Issues;

A). Green Keeper’s Report: Heavy rain, amounting to over 200mm (9000 tons) has lead to unexpected workloads. Over 70 man-hours have been spent on the bunkers in the past 2 weeks and they are now looking better. The sand has been contaminated with clay meaning drainage has taken longer than usual. The weather has also resulted in severe growth with the fairways having to be cut 3 times each week and the rough twice as often as usual. Most of the fairways, and about 6m either side, have been treated for weeds, a total of 20 hectares. The area between the 9th and 10th has also been treated and others will be done when chemicals are delivered. If the settled weather continues, the fairways and tees will be cut less frequently which will prevent them from drying out. The height of the cut will be raised a little too. Hopefully, we will now have some time to get back on other jobs such as hedges and strimming.

The Committee expressed its satisfaction with the progress of the course.

B). The request for a first cut of rough has been declined due to lack of appropriate machinery.

C). The state of the bunkers was discussed, but, as Jeff pointed out in his report, clay contamination makes improvement difficult. There is no easy solution without considerable expenditure. It was agreed that the use of blue posts, where a bunker is likely to be GUR for some time, will continue.

D). Jeff reported that, following repairs, the irrigation system is now regularly in use.

E). The 5th medal tee will not be back in use until a solution regarding the copse is found.

F). The OOB to the right of the 7th fairway was discussed as it was felt that the long rough behind the poplar trees makes it unclear where the white posts are situated. It was agreed that the posts should be returned to their original line but still leave the final post, near the pond, in its existing place.

4.Development Issues; -Short term (2016) priorities

A). The tees have been much improved.

B). Work on improving the drainage of the bunkers is under consideration.

C). Work on improving the appearance of the ponds has yet to be commenced.

  1. Suggestions for Improvements;

A). GUR on 18th; the rope across the fairway is there to direct players to the sides to allow the grass to re-grow. It does not designate GUR.

B). The length of the grass surrounding tees is subject to the height of the mowers.

C). The brambles along paths, eg 2nd to 3rd, have been pruned.

D). It was not felt that the carries from the 6th and 8th tees are too long for the average golfer. Jeff will, nevertheless, bear the abilities of the lady golfers in mind when mowing.

E). Jeff will consider using the bench now behind the 15th tee on the 2nd tee.

F). Jeff does not feel it is necessary to place a barrier to encourage players leaving the 8th tee to use the path during the summer months. He will introduce one when the weather requires.

G). The recently cleared areas will be treated with chemicals as soon as they are delivered.

H). The hut currently near the 16th green is used in inclement weather and should stay there.

I). It is proposed to place a hut at the bottom of the slope up to the 11th tee to protect players from wayward balls played from the tee.

J). Jeff has been asked to bear in mind the needs of wildlife when considering the clearance of brambles etc.

K). Jeff will put the need to trim bushes etc. alongside fairways, eg. the 5th, into his work programme.

L). Jeff agreed to extend the chipping/pitching facilities on the practice ground.

  1. Any other business;

A). The white lines around the greens have, by design, burnt into the grass. It was agreed that no relief should be given when a ball lands on a line as it is considered “rub of the green”.

B). Overhanging branches on paths cause some problems, particularly for tall people. Jeff will attend to this as a winter job.

7.Date of the next meeting;

26th August 2016 at 2.00 pm in the Club House.


Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 17th June 2016

Present; Craig Lockwood, Tim Forrester-Muir, Jeff Taylor, David Gillespie, Elspeth Williams, Reg Brunt

Apologies for absence were received from Kevin Myers

  1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved
  1. Matters arising;

A). Jeff and Craig will give further consideration to the problem of waste from the shoe/trolley cleaning.

B). Jeff would appreciate help from volunteers for divot repairs. It was suggested that this be put to the Club Committee.

C). The re-surfacing of the 10th tee path is on Jeff’s agenda when time permits.

D). It has been too wet recently to treat all the clover/weeds. This job is on Jeff’s list.

E). The dead poplars on the 7th will be removed.

F). Notices regarding the removal of stones in bunkers have been posted on the notice boards.

G). White lines have been introduced on all aprons

  1. Maintenance Issues;

A). Green Keepers Report;

The recent wet then sunny weather has led to unprecedented growth and challenging days!

The greens have been scarified, aerated, top-dressed, sprayed and, with our newly purchased greens iron, rolled. Generally, they are true, look healthy and are in good condition. There is a lot of growth, due to the weather, which tends to make them a little slow.

The fairways have been fed and treated (on the new side) and are starting to take shape.

The rough is challenging and slowing down play. Every effort is made to cut it as often as possible. We have the chemical needed to treat the weeds but require a few dry days to apply it.

The bunkers are our biggest challenge and will need many man-hours to make them playable. We are looking at ways to help the drainage and try to improve the situation.

Generally, there are slow but gradual improvements and the hard work of the greens staff is paying off. We appreciate the positive feedback we are getting and will try to regain control of the persistent growth

  1. Development Issues;

A). Elspeth suggested that consideration be given to removing some of the trees on the side of the pond near the 17th tee to improve the appearance of the area and introduce a measure of difficulty to players teeing off. Jeff said he has already had thoughts on those lines and would look to make changes when time permits

5). Suggestions for Improvements;

A). The bare earth between the oaks on the 18th fairway be made GUR. Jeff will examine the problem and suggest a solution.

B). The metal markers on the practice putting green will be replaced after cutting/treatment.

C). The copse on the right of the 10th fairway will be strimmed.

D). The winter tee on the 2nd will be moved.

  1. Any other Business; None
  1. Date of the next Meeting;

22nd July at 1.00 pm in the club house.


Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 13th May 2016

Present; Craig Lockwood, Jeff Taylor, David Gillespie, Elspeth Williams, Reg Brunt.

Apologies were received from Tim Forrester-Muir.

  1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.
  2. Matters Arising ;

A). The tee boards are gradually being up-dated

B). Moving the shoe/trolley cleaning equipment is proving difficult. Some method of containing the waste is being considered.

C). The use of volunteers to assist the Green Keeper is under review. Jeff has jobs he would welcome help with – painting, gardening, divot repairs etc. The Club needs to consider such matters as insurance and training and Craig and Jeff will discuss this with Tim.

D). Jeff has taken delivery of 20 tons of path surfacing material and will be using this on the new path next to the 10th tee and other needy places around the course.

E). The risk to players waiting to go to the 11th tee following the clearance of the copse was considered. It was felt that as this is no greater than in other places on the course so no action would be taken.

  1. Maintenance Issues;

A). Green Keeper’s Report; Greens: The poa (annual meadow grass) is seeding causing inconsistent greens with a slower pace than they should be. Ways to help (e.g. verti cutting) are being considered. All greens are due to be aerated this week and top-dressed, over-seeded and scarified on June 16th-17th. Tees are being over-seeded and dressed where necessary to assist in recovery after winter wear. Green surrounds have been fertilised and seeded where necessary. The fairways are proving slow to recover so will be fertilised. Weed treatment will be started soon on both fairways and rough.

B). Future growth in those areas recently cleared will be controlled by the use of chemicals.

C). The poplars planted last year by the 7th fairway now appear to be dead. Craig will speak to Robert Goodwin, who donated the trees, before any action is taken.

D). Jeff will consider whether the trees over-hanging the 13th require attention.

  1. Development Issues;

A). The short term priorities continue to receive attention – improving tees, bunker drainage, clover.

  1. Suggestions for Improvements; non received.
  2. Any other Business;

A). The OOB posts on the right of the 3rd will be extended back towards the tee along the ditch.

B). Craig will place notices on the club house boards confirming that stones may be removed from bunkers before playing from them.

C). It was felt that Jeff or Craig should control the use of buggies in wet weather.

D). It was recommended that white lines should be in place all year round to protect aprons etc.

  1. Date of the next meeting;

17th June at 1.00pm in the club house.


Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 26th February 2016 at 1.00pm

Present; Craig Lockwood, Tim Forrester-Muir, Jeff Taylor, Elspeth Williams, David Gillespie, Kevin Myers, Reg Brunt.
1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2. Matters Arising;
A). Several paths which carried puddles after rain have been treated.
B). It was agreed that the condition of the 10th tee is unacceptable. Hard-standings near the hut, for use when starting there, and one near the hedge, when approaching from the 9th, would help.
Jeff agreed to investigate these possibilities.
C). Jeff was asked to arrange cleaning of the notice and tee boards around the course.
Tim is considering the purchase of new tee boards now that renewal of advertising is due.

3. Maintenance Issues;
A). The Green Keeper’s Report; The removal of blackthorn bushes on the 9th, 10th , 11th and 13th is almost complete. The roots will be grubbed out in the next two weeks. Further removal of unwanted bushes will take place at a later date. A ball cleaner for range balls has been purchased and installed in the compound. A new tractor, aerating and spraying equipment have been purchased to enable more course work to be done in-house.
B). Jeff advised the Committee that as the weather improves he will be giving the greens a different treatment, shaping the fairways, developing aprons and giving the tees attention. He
intends to improve the visual impact of the course.
C). All ditches on the course are in good order and draining satisfactorily. Further improvement
in the flow of water will require the cooperation of adjoining land owners.

4.Development Issues;
A). Craig and Jeff had discussed the list of future development items and recommended the following priorities;
Short term (2016); 1.Improve tee surfaces especially 3rd, 8th, 12th, 13th. 2.Commence work on bunker drainage. 3. Clear the growth of clover.
Short to medium term; 1. Practice ground – replace mats, improve bunker and chipping areas.
2. Prune trees on approaches to 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th greens. 3. Continue programme of clearing bushes on 2nd, 4th, 8th, & 12th. 3. Improve the appearance of the ponds Medium to long term; 1. Improve drainage in various wet areas. 2. Create paths along 16th & 17th tees. 3. Plant trees to separate several fairways. 4. Extend pond into 1st fairway. 5. Create a pond in front of 2nd tee.
B). David asked Jeff whether he would consider using volunteers from the club membership to
assist him on carrying out work on the course under his supervision. Jeff replied that he would
think about this idea.

5. Suggestions for improvements;
A). The Ladies section had queried the safety of players waiting to play the 11th following the
removal of the bushes near the bench. It was not considered to be a hazard due to the number of
trees still in the copse.
B). Jeff was asked to examine the safety of the path leading down from the 13th tee. It is rather
slippery when wet.
C). He was also asked to prune the over-hanging tree on the approach to the 13th green.

6. Any other Business;
A). The shoe and trolley cleaning machine near the back door is creating considerable mess.
It was suggested that it could be moved near the wall where the mud could be contained.
B). Jeff advised that the poplars recently planted near the 7th fairway are not looking very
healthy. He will look out for growth in the spring and consider their future if none is seen.

7. Date of the next meeting; 8th April 2016 at 1.00pm


Minutes of a Forrester Park Course Committee Meeting held on Friday 29th January 2016 at 1.00pm.

Present; Craig Lockwood, Jeff Taylor, Elspeth Williams, Kevin Myers, Reg Brunt.

Apologies received from Tim Forrester-Muir and David Gillespie.

  1. The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.
  1. Matters Arising;

A). The full adoption of the Rules of Golf relating to flooded bunkers have been accepted by the Sections and will now remain in place.

B). The recent changes to the OOB on the corner of the 7th fairway have not been queried by the members and will remain in place. No objections to the suggestion that the ditch on the right hand side of the fairway be made OOB have been received and will now be implemented.

C). The renewal of the sponsorship of the tee boards is due in April and the necessary changes to indexes etc will then be made.

  1. Maintenance Issues;

A). Green Keeper’s report; The usual wet areas have emerged and top-dressed. He will consider making them GUR. The greens are good given the time of year and recent weather and it has been necessary to mow the fairways due to the mild conditions. Work has been done on the security of storage facilities. It has been difficult to keep the bunkers in reasonable condition during this wet spell but they have now been raked as they begin to dry out. The tees are holding up reasonably well but Jeff will introduce mats/platforms if necessary.(e.g. 2nd)

B). The Committee expressed thanks to Jeff regarding the use of ropes and white lines in keeping the course in a playable condition.

C). The new drain in the 5th greenside bunker is working. The permanent water collecting near the 6th tee is due to poor drainage in the area and not a leak in the irrigation system.

D). Kevin raised the problem of several paths which are often under water – viz: 2nd and 3rd/4th. Jeff will consider raising the levels.

  1. Development Issues;


A). Reg produced a list of ideas collected over time which remain outstanding from earlier suggestions. It was agreed that the Committee members should each consider these and set their own priorities for 2016 for discussion at the next meeting.

  1. Suggestions for improvements;

A). Several suggestions regarding problems currently being experienced due to the weather were received. Jeff will adopt the following as he sees appropriate; diverting paths on the 2nd             and 14th; use of mats where tees have become slippery; moving the 6th tee forward; creating            GUR areas; banning the use of buggies (now in place).

B). Relocate the ball-cleaner and waste bin on the 10th tee to the path from the 9th green – this was not thought necessary.

C). Encourage use of the path to the side of the 10th tee rather than the front of the tee – this could be difficult without erecting a fence but will be considered in the future.

D). Re-fix the waste bin near the 12th tee – Jeff will attend to this. The Committee wish to thank those members who took the trouble to bring these matters to their attention and will be happy to consider other suggestions at their monthly meetings.

  1. Any other Business; – none
  1. Date of the next meeting; – 26th February 2016 at 1.00pm.